Fast Charging Infrastructures Solutions

Bectrol, the connection between the grid and the charging station.

With years of experience in automation and industrial control, together with the ingeniosity of its employees, we bring you fast charging infrastructures solutions to satisfy the ever-increasing market of electrical vehicles, above and beyond the distribution of level 2 charging stations for your home or at work.

Borne de recharge FLO

May your needs be personnal, commercial, for a taxi fleet, buses, or heavy-duty vehicles, all our solutions are:

  • Custom-made
  • Fully integrated at Bectrol’s (one-stop shop)
  • Plug and Play

3 types of fast charging infrastructures solutions


01 permanent 

Caracteristics : on concrete base.

Use : designated municipal charging area, rest area, interstate corridor, for a fleet.






02 relocatable 

Caracteristics: all infrastructures are inside the shelter. It can be moved to a different location, as is.

Use : when the land lease of your fleet is over or for other development opportunities.


Caracteristics: integration on trailer.

Use : need of extra charge, temporary need in case of damage or malfunction of existing installations, to power at gatherings and fairs.

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