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Bectrol, an automatization solutions center

Entering Bectrol for the first time is entering a new family. The "Bectrol experience" is as important as the good or service the client seeks. By interacting with our personnel, our customers will discover the thousands faces of this company.

The entrepreneur who enters to buy a piece or order a control panel will discover a universe of possibilities, solutions, and services.

Technical services for E-houses and control panels, clients will come to understand the expertise which many have witnessed in the more than 40 years of Bectrol's experience in automatization and control.



"Getting on board with Bectrol is like putting your hand on the gears...of services."

Recepient of the "Business of the Year" award by the Saint-Hyacinthe Chamber of Commerce, Bectrol is well known for its customer service. It is a tradition inherited from the company's founders, Rolland Benoît and Jean-Guy Cusson - long time friends who launched their company in  1979 in a small apartment on Rue Dessaulless in Saint-Hyacinthe.

Putting their friendship and skills in electricity to work, the two friends infused a particular ambiance to their company. It's an atmosphere that the children of Mr. Benoît embraced as they joined the company in the 1990s. Sylvan, Stéphan, and Yolaine Benoît, who have since run the company, treat their employees like their clients...like members of their family

Renowned in the industrial community, Bectrol counts among its customers prestigous firms such as Hydro-Québec, Cascades, and Alstom. As such, expanding the family business has gained a new impetus in recent years.

Bectrol looks to the future to profit from the virtues of electricity, a clean and renewable energy now demanded by governments, cities, and large companies in order to reduce their environemental footprints.

Bectrol intends to put its history, its experience, and its expertise to profitable means in every sphere of activity to earn a spot on the economic ladder of the future.