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Distribution of electrical control equipment



Our distributed products

Bectrol's distribution of industrial control products stands out for its quality advice, exemplary professionalism, and unrivalled customer experience. Our dedicated and highly trained team will guide you every step of the way. We understand the uniqueness of each customer and offer a customised service to meet your specific needs. Bectrol offers a wide range of distributed products, from charging stations to accessories and tools, as well as solutions for motion control, automation, and panel assemblies. We offer cutting-edge products for sensing, control interfaces and machine safety to meet all your requirements.

Discover the reliability and efficiency of Bectrol distribution in advanced products. We are your trusted partner in the industry. Our distribution solutions guarantee you increased efficiency, optimum management of electrical product stocks and fast delivery to meet your specific needs, enabling you to successfully achieve your objectives while benefiting from a friendly and professional approach.

Our products available online

  • Charging station

    Appropriate electrical products, expert support, efficient management and high-quality protection for electrical installations.

  • Power and protection

    Fuse, Fuse holder, power distribution block, disconnector, line inductance, transformer, energy analyser, engine control center.

  • Motion control

    Precise and efficient motion control, reduced production and maintenance costs and optimized applications.

  • Sensors and Cables

    Choice of sensor and technology to suit your application, extensive inventory.

  • Control interface

    High-quality control components, optimisation of automated operations, expert assistance.

  • Machine safety

    Secure, standards-compliant components to guarantee the safety of your equipment, whatever its type or environment.

  • Terminal block

    Connection terminal block which is installed on rail, both screw and spring with all accessories and all identification systems.

  • Electronic

    Power supply AC/DC DC/DC, remote input and output, level controls, phase loss detector, signal converter.

  • Tools and Wiring Accessories

    Complete range of accessories for wiring installations, portable measuring instruments and specialist tools.

  • Pneumatic

    Valve, connector, conduit for pneumatic

Contacting the Industrial Controls Distribution Department: [email protected]