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ONLY ONE SUPPLIER BEFORE THE SITEE-house, shelter, bâtiment de contrôle Bectrol

40 years in automation and control, knowledge in architecture and a resourceful team has allowed Bectrol to innovate in the field of E-Houses.

At Bectrol, we simplify your projects by building and assembling for you a finished product, including: the building, the supply, the electric power distributor and the control panels. Everything is assembled, tested and ready to use even before shipping. 

We can integrate your own equipment into the building.


  • R-30 (floor, walls and roof)
  • Reduced thermal bridges of 95 % for the entire building
  • Lifetime over 40 years

E-House, Shelter, Batiment de contrôle Bectrol


  • ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management)
  • CSA G40.21
  • CSA W47.1
  • ASTM E72 Flexing
  • ASTM E283 Air sealed
  • ASTM C236-89 Thermal Performance
  • ULC S101 Fire Resistance


  • Renewable energy (Control room for hydro-electricity, power stations, etc.)
  • Environment (Room with pumps and valves, and control for water treatment)
  • Telecommunications (Control room for servers and telecommunications)
  • Mines (Control room for drilling and extraction equipment)


  • Control room for thermal energy (Maryland, United States)
  • Control room for renewable energy (British Columbia)
  • Control room for telecommunications and networking (Québec)
  • Control room for hydro-electricity (Ontario) 


We are taking on the technical challenges of your industry by maintaining and respecting your constraints of execution.

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