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Your specialist in EV charging infrastructure

Bectrol, the specialist leader in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, offers you a comprehensive transportation electrification service tailored to your specific needs. Whether for bus fleets or heavy vehicles, our expertise extends to all types of electric vehicles. With a methodical, controlled approach, our team will support you throughout the process and provide you with sound advice for a successful transition towards decarbonisation.

Bectrol offers a complete after-sales service for electric vehicle charging infrastructures. We can help you optimise the costs associated with the electrification of transport. Ensure accessibility to EV charging stations with our tailored solutions. We manage your commercial fleet of electric vehicles efficiently, facilitating the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. Rely on our expertise in EV fleet management for a high-performance, reliable electric vehicle charging solution.


Depending on your electrification objectives, our experts will find the optimum solution from a rigorous selection of high-tech charging stations.  


Our fully customised approach means we can turn your vision into reality, from design to implementation, to ensure the long-term profitability of your investment.  


We are pioneers in the development of transport electrification in North America. We use our expertise to help you implement your charging infrastructure projects, no matter how big the task.

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Take advantage of the 80% subsidy for fast charging in Quebec!

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity! If you're considering installing fast charging stations for your customers, now is the perfect time. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MERN) is offering an 80% subsidy to private businesses in Quebec for the deployment of public fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

Tell us about your project, and we'll take care of the rest!

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Program Description

The Private Sector Support Program for Public Fast Charging Stations provides financial assistance to private businesses for their projects involving the purchase and installation of direct current fast charging stations (DCFC) intended for public use. This program is specifically for for-profit businesses registered with the Quebec Business Registry and having an establishment in the province.

      • Acquisition of at least 2 eligible fast charging stations per site, with certain accessories included.
      • Purchase of lighting and weather protection equipment for the charging area.
      • Acquisition of an energy consumption management device or software.
      • Installation of various types of equipment.
      • Fees for professional services and necessary labor (plans and specifications, installation work, connection, and electrical power supply infrastructure).
      • Warranty, management/telecommunication, and preventive maintenance fees at the time of purchasing the stations.
      • Installation permit fees for the stations.
      • Fees related to environmental assessments.

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Fast Charging Station Subsidy Table

Output Current Power Proportion of Eligible Expenses Maximum Subsidy Amount per Fast Charging Station Available Products
From 100 to 149,9 kW 80 % 125 000 $ PE 120 kW
From 150 to 199,9 kW 80 % 175 000 $ Keywatt S180
200 kW and more 80 % 225 000 $ PE 240 kW


The Keywatt G4 charging station, resulting from the collaboration between French engineering from IES Synergy and Canadian expertise from Bectrol, provides fast charging (DC) ranging from 120 kW to 180 kW, with the ability to simultaneously charge up to 2x90 kW DC. Its wide range of voltages (200-1000 VDC) caters to the current and future needs of electric vehicles. Equipped with two CCS-1 cables of 5.5, 6  or 7 meters (18, 19.7, or 23 ft.) for comfortable reach, a modular design for swift maintenance interventions, a double modem station for enhanced availability, and a user-friendly interface featuring a 7’’ touchscreen.

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