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Design of electric plans

Plan électrique Bectrol

Technical service

Technical Service


Formation Bectrol

Value added service distribution

Fusible Bussmann Bectrol


For those of you without in-house resources, we offer you the service of design of electric plans conforming to CSA standards:

Plan électrique

  • Cable diagrams
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Interconnections diagrams
  • Mechanical diagrams
  • Terminal block diagrams
  • Connections diagrams
  • Update of plans (as built) 





Bectrol's added value 

Doing business with Bectrol for your design means working with a team with 40 year of experience in control and automation. This expertise transforms into exact and precise plans reducing fabrication time by:

  • An excellent mastery of component's characteristics
  • A maximum mechnical arrangement
  • Wisely-chosen components

The strength of our technical team allows us to rapidly determine your needs, consult and take the lead on your projects with rigorous assurance.

Our "zero error" policy assures that a validation from the client is sought at every step of the process.

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Service technique


  • Installation and start-up
  • Connection of control signals
  • Update of electric plans


  • Cleaning of your panels
  • Audit and parts replacement
  • Control and tightening of connections
  • Power factor correction (capacitors)


CALIBRATION (according to the ISO and HACCP standards)

  • Temperature and current loop
  • Issuing calibration certificates


  • Replacement for holidays or sick days 
  • To help in times of work overload
  • To manage succession
  • To complete special projects
  • For a planned production shutdown


  • Identification of anomalies
  • Feasibility study
  • Update before inspection

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Beyond technical training, we develop our people.

Your partner in the development of technical knowledge

For 40 years, Bectrol supports, guides, and advises your people in the domain of industrial automation, for:

  • The selection and function of your products
  • The technical feasability of your projects
  • The programming of your robotics
  • The application of the machine security standards
  • And much more!

In addition to the wide range of technical training already available, Bectrol has joined with an expert in soft skills with more than 20 years of experience, offering a new training program in management and personal development. Our focused approach for your needs allows you access to training content created specifically for your company, giving you the choice of format as well (webinars, conferences, training on-site or at the Bectrol training school, and individual coaching).

Satisfied clients

  • Ski Mont Saint-Bruno
  • Vidéotron
  • Laurentian Bank
  • Fruits & Passion
  • Agropur

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A technology which seeks to automate your repetitive operations and movement of heavy objects.

What are robotics?

Robotics are programmable automatic control machines which serve multiple purposes for all kinds of repetitive tasks where pace and precision are indispensable.

Bectrol's offer

Bectrol has partnered with several different manufacturers in hopes of offering you complete solutions including:

  • A linear deplacement system with mono or multi-axis belts
  • A tripode or bipode robotic cell

Also, Bectrol has a whole host of quality industrial products to integrate your solutions, allowing you to improve your output. Our team of engineers are ready to analyze your needs and environment to find you the most efficient solution.

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Bectrol works every day to offer an innovative customer experience for your need of automation and control products. It's across our various resources that Bectrol distinguishes itself as a vital business partner.

Standardization and conversion of products

Our team has the capacity to analyse the characteristics of current equipment and offer you equivalent solutions maintaining the same performance.

Personalized shipping

Service livraison Bectrol

Our flexible delivery service allows you to receive your order at the date and time of your choosing, along with your choice of delivery method. Consult our delivery policy to learn more.

Custom labelling and packaging

Upon receipt of your material to our facilities, we take special care to identify the parts according to your specifications and part numbering system, location, etc.

Creation of an inventory list and replacement parts

Don't sweat it, let our team take care of managing your inventory lists as well as your replenishment lists. We offer a complete list of equipment and inventory according to your needs.

Supply management support

Bectrol offers its expertise in supply management and is ready to take care of the management of your inventory, negociating for costs and order placements until the final delivery. Our solution brings you total support thanks to our robust internal system of electronic records which allow us to follow the status of your order and returns.


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