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The Zerova 30 kW: The Ideal Charging Station for Vehicle Fleets

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The increasing electrification of transportation demands fast, reliable, and versatile charging solutions. Discover the Zerova 30 kW by Bectrol, a next-generation charging station designed to meet the diverse needs of electric mobility. In this article, we will explore the features and applications of the Zerova 30 kW, an essential solution for businesses and infrastructures concerned about the future of electric mobility.

Innovative Features of the Zerova 30 kW

The Zerova 30 kW by Bectrol offers a range of advanced features for an optimal charging experience:

Multi-Standard Compatibility: The Zerova is compatible with CCS and CHAdeMO standards, ensuring extensive compatibility with a variety of electric vehicles.

Operational Flexibility: Whether integrated into a charging station network or operating autonomously, the Zerova offers maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of each application.

User Authentication: The user authentication feature ensures secure access to charging, providing peace of mind to users.

Smart Charging and Load Balancing: The Zerova supports smart charging and load balancing, enabling optimal use of available electrical resources.

High Efficiency: With efficiency exceeding 94% and a power factor above 0.99, the Zerova ensures efficient use of electrical energy.

Customization Available: The features of the Zerova can be customized to meet the specific needs of each application.

User-Friendly Interface: The 7-inch LCD screen offers an intuitive user interface for an easy and pleasant charging experience.

High Safety Standards: The Zerova is designed to meet IK10/NEMA 3R standards and is rated IP55, ensuring protection against external elements.

Various Applications of the Zerova 30 kW

The Zerova 30 kW finds applications in various environments, including:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Corporate Fleets
  • Gas Stations
  • Outdoor Parking Lots
  • Shopping Malls / Hospitality


The Zerova 30 kW by Bectrol represents the future of electric charging. With its innovative features and versatile applications, it is ready to meet the challenges of modern electric mobility. Whether for businesses, public infrastructures, or fleet operators, the Zerova offers a comprehensive and reliable charging solution to propel the world towards a more sustainable and electric future. To learn more about the Zerova 30 kW and our other charging solutions, or to make a purchase online, visit our store today:

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