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Electrifying News: BECTROL & IES Synergy Revolutionize EV Charging in North America with a new strategic partnership

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BECTROL and IES Synergy Forge a Groundbreaking Alliance to Electrify North America with Next-Gen EV Fast Charging Solutions

In an electrifying leap forward for electric vehicle infrastructure, BECTROL and IES Synergy are thrilled to unveil their strategic partnership. This alliance is not just a collaboration following our decade-long relationship; it's a significant milestone to revolutionize EV fast charging technology, promising to supercharge the North American EV landscape.

At the heart of this partnership is Bectrol integrating, certifying, and commercializing IES's new generation of cutting-edge KEYWATT® charging products (180kw) meticulously engineered for the unique demands of the North American market. Leveraging IES Synergy's robust and extensive engineering technologies in EV charging, combined with Bectrol's rich history in manufacturing and certifying products for the North American market under UL and CSA certification, we are confident that this venture will drive the future of mobility with locally produced, high-quality fast chargers, making electric vehicle charging faster, more reliable, and widely accessible from coast to coast. As a result, Bectrol is becoming the second fast charging station manufacturer in Canada, and the first for the 120-200 Kw range.

Milestones of Progress for our partnership: Charging Ahead with Confidence:

  • Production already in motion:
    • With over 1,000 chargers slated for annual production initially with Bectrol, we're setting the stage for an exponential increase in EV charging infrastructure, aiming to more than double our output in the next 12-24 months. This ambitious scale-up is a testament to our commitment to electrifying North America's roads, one charger at a time.
  • Uncompromising Quality and Reliability:
    • IES products are renowned for their quality, robustness, and reliability. Through this partnership, Bectrol and IES Synergy guarantee that these hallmarks of excellence will be embedded in every unit, ensuring an unrivaled charging experience.
  • Aftermarket Excellence:
    • Beyond manufacturing, BECTROL is dedicated to offering comprehensive aftermarket support, including monitoring services to maintenance so we ensure that each charger delivers peak performance and longevity, encapsulating our commitment to customer satisfaction and product sustainability.
  • A Vision for Continuous Joint Innovation:
    • As the partnership evolves, BECTROL and IES Synergy are already on the path to developing new, innovative charging solutions, further solidifying our commitment to advancing EV charging technology.


  • Join Us on This Electrifying Journey
  • This collaboration represents a synergy of strengths, blending IES Synergy's and Bectrol’s EV expertise in order to deliver high quality, locally manufactured solutions, supported by an aftermarket capability to guarantee optimal availability at the expected kilowatt rating on every occasion.

We invite you to stay connected as we unveil more exciting developments as we embark on this journey together.

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